Argosy Omnimedia (“Argosy”), Inc. is a women-owned company that has been providing exceptional information technology consulting services to clients across the USA since 1997.

Clever Endeavors

Over the years, Argosy has helped clients transform their business operations and practices by “web-enabling” as much of their operations as economically practical.  Through automation, our clients have been able to improve their breadth and depth of services to their customers.  E-Business automation, combined with CyberSecurity Information Assurance, has enabled our clients to:

  • Reduce operations costs by automating repeatable business processes
  • Improve accessibility through 24×7 self-service customer transaction and knowledge management models
  • Manage the expanded risk of automation by securing and protecting large datastores (e.g. databases, files) and communication channels through cybersecurity practices and 24×7 monitoring technology
  • Create market intelligence through data mining and knowledge management
  • Expand into new markets through repurposed information and evolutionary lines of business
  • Transform business operations through business-to-business automation and outsourcing

Argosy is actively supporting a team of scientists and technology experts to expand the development of SmartMED.